Holding all the traditional art shows of Kerala all over the world. We have artists from all walks of life.


Floating with dance in the serene image of the gods. Another name for devanritham is Kalaroobangal The very best dance art

Singari Melam

People and dancers get excited when the traditional art of singarimelam blends with the drum art


Ottamthullal is a comedy dance that specializes in the culture of Kerala.Solo actor's green makeup dance

Mayoora Nritham

Mayoora Nritham Traditional dance with peacock feathers and green face makeup - Peacock dance

Thira Kali

Wearing a green-and-green traditional dress with a fan-like crown on the head, drumming thirakali


Theyyam is a dance performed to protect the city by the grace of God with the intense makeup of God Kali


Ottamthullal is the traditional art of dressing up in green by a comedian. Acting, singing, jumping

Famous Theyyam Art Group

We have many different types of kalaroobangal.We can perform with 500 theyyam artists in one place We look forward to your call 9884436365.

Famous Ndhaswaram players

Ndhaswaram nagesh

Nagesh, Ndhaswaram cries for his performance to be repeated .”

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Famous percussionist

Percussionist Aravind

“Aravind , Excellent artist who plays 20 different percussion instruments ”

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Famous Theatrical actor

king faisal

“ king faisal ” The best drama actor, the teacher who trains in all kinds of drama ”


Famous Bharatanatyam dancer


“Bharatanatyam” Best Dance Teacher Bharatanatyam ”

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Famous Percussionist

Percussionist Abrock

“ Abrock ” Excellent artist who plays 'APP' percussion instruments ”

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