Who are we?

We are proud to be the only art group to take chenda melam art across the globe beyond Kerala.We are an integrated artist of traditional artists. Training center for us bhratha kali koodam

How many years have you been in this field?

The art gallery has been managed by traditional artist John milton for 23 years

Why are you in this field?

Preservation of Indian Traditional Arts. Introducing the best artists to the world. Contributing to the livelihood of traditional artists through art shows

What are we heading towards

Make everyone aware of all the traditional arts that exist in India. Carrying Indian culture and history in a way that amazes the world

Bharatha Kalai Koodam

Bharatha kalai koodam is a traditional art gallery. We teach traditional arts for free and stage them. We have produced many great artists. Our journey will continue even better. As long as you are like those who respect traditional arts. Traditional arts of living. Talk to our guru 9884436365