All kinds of traditional Kerala art shows will be preserved without any change and will be held in your town in the best art form. The art show hosted by bharatha kalai koodam will always be excellent. The reason is our experience.

Poothan Kali

A form of worship conducted to ward off evil spirits. It is conducted in conjunction with the art of thirakali.


kaikotti kali dance is a traditional dance performed by Kerala women during the Onam festival and thiruvathira

Nela Kavadi

Nela kavadi is a ten feet tall ornate kavadi that is carried in procession to worship God in Kerala

Poo Kavadi

Festivals chenda melam in Kerala A variety of dances and flower decorated tree called pookavadi is used

nela kavadi
Nela Kavadi

Nela kavadi will create a grandeur in the festival procession. Call us for your hometown festival

eliphant decoration
Elephant procession

The elephant procession at the festival is considered the most revered in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

 poo kavadi
Poo Kavadi

There is no better decoration than poo kavadi to beautify the festival procession

Arjuna Nritham Art Group

Our Arjuna Nritham Art Group has trained with the best masters and has conducted hundreds of shows across India. We look forward to your call 9884436365.

Famous Ndhaswaram players

Ndhaswaram nagesh

Nagesh, Ndhaswaram cries for his performance to be repeated .”

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Famous percussionist

Percussionist Aravind

“Aravind , Excellent artist who plays 20 different percussion instruments ”

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Famous Theatrical actor

king faisal

“ king faisal ” The best drama actor, the teacher who trains in all kinds of drama ”


Famous Bharatanatyam dancer


“Bharatanatyam” Best Dance Teacher Bharatanatyam ”

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Famous Percussionist

Percussionist Abrock

“ Abrock ” Excellent artist who plays 'APP' percussion instruments ”

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